Dressed Up (February 2017)

"Dressed Up" is a site-specific installation occupying two abandoned dressing rooms above the Kresge Theatre in the Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts building. This installation intends to tackle issues of the body, gender performativity, and the construction of the self by society's terms. The first room of the installation features a performance video intended to be viewed voyeuristically through a crack in the door. The walls of the second (main) room are collaged with vintage dress patterns and are full of objects and images that allude to the dissection of the female form and its subsequent reconstruction through restrictive lenses of ideal beauty and perfection. 

Dressed Up Artist Book (February 2017)

Accordion book of cyanotypes and mixed media collage. 22 x 30 inch BFK Rives folded into 5.5 x 7.5 inch panels. 

Tea Time (April 2017)

This installation intends to create a space of peace and rest around the social event of drinking tea. Tea in my personal life has always been a symbol of friendship, routine, and good conversation; the greatest bonding moments and conversations of my friendships past and present have occurred over a cup of tea, therefore tea bags in this installation are symbolic of the many small moments and personal memories I've shared with the people I care for the most. The interior environment behind the tea bag curtain is a simulation of my childhood home's porch, a quiet place I could always go to share a private moment and cup of tea with a friend. 

Moon Pool (May 2017)

Collaborative installation by Toby Donoghue, Maya Kasith, Aman Tiwari, Aldy Lawantara, and Helen Wu.


The Boudoir (April 2016)

"The Boudoir" is a  temporary site-specific installation located in an abandoned dressing room above the Kresge Theatre in Carnegie Mellon University's College of Fine Arts building. The space was emptied and cleaned out from its original state and then filled with a mix of found and fabricated objects and structures to create this space reminiscent of a movie set. The installation evokes the essence of a boudoir or dressing room for a 1920s/1930s era burlesque star or actress. The belongings and placement of such belongings tell the story of this woman, what her life may have been like and what this room may have meant to her. 

Images of model Colleen McGovern in collaboration with Marina Devaux.