My art practice chronicles the relationship I have with my body and is the vehicle through which I explore what femininity and womanhood means in the context of my life. Influenced by artists like Louise Bourgeois, Doreen Garner, and Francesca Woodman, I discuss the inherent politicization of bodies, challenge the notion of “ideal” bodies, and examine the complicated relationship between the feminine and the abject.

Personal experience and a passion for feminist theory drives my conceptual interests and self portraiture is a thread that connects my photographic, sculptural, and performance work. Increasingly, I am drawn to the line between objectification and fetish and, the duality of bodies as a source of both attraction and repulsion, particularly female bodies. By looking inward and celebrating the beauty in the unconventional, overlooked, and atypical, I seek to promote female empowerment and make work that all kinds of women can relate to.

Contact information: 

email:  octoberlanedonoghue@gmail.com

instagram: @octoberdonoghue